Safety Management System

OSHA requires not only that our employees and contractors fully understand the implications of working in potentially hazardous environments but that there is documented proof that they are trained. Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) recognizes that accident prevention is an essential ingredient in our business and in response, has established a corporate safety program.

ACE considers accident prevention a vital part of every job in our company. Our goal is to ensure that employees are qualified to work in Process Safety Management (PSM) facilities and trained to work safely in non-PSM facilities. The corporate Safety Management System (SMS), codified in our Safety Manual, consists of safety topics identified as appropriate and necessary for all ACE employees to employ safe work practices both in the office and at the customer site. The practices span from personal protective equipment to electrical safety to lock-out/tag-out to office safety.

ACE is dedicated to providing the leadership and support necessary to develop and maintain a successful accident prevention program. Our Safety Committee is headed by the Safety Manager who reports directly to the company President. The Safety Committee maintains the SMS and conducts regular corporate-wide safety training. In addition, as required, ACE employees receive supplementary safety training from safety councils and other agencies to work at specific customer sites. ACE provides all required personal protective equipment to employees as required for site work.