Industrial Gases/Air Separation

Surge control, load following, process simulation, optimization, auto-start sequencing, and control and monitoring of unattended facilities – Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) understands the specific needs of industrial gas plants and air separations. Industrial gases has been an important segment to ACE since our first project in 1994, when ACE provided control system design and configuration for an air separation unit (ASU) supporting a semiconductor FAB in New Mexico. Since that first project, we have continued to grow in experience and expertise. Our staff includes engineers who have worked in the industry and have firsthand knowledge of all stages and sizes of projects from small scale package plants to large complex custom merchant plants covering a wide array of air gases, specialty gases, hydrocarbons, and liquids.

ACE has provided scores of ASU and generator control system projects, including mole sieves, reversing exchangers, nitrogen liquefiers, and DEOXO systems. Our experience includes pipeline control with liquid backup and paymeters, as well as liquid storage with tank transfer and truck loading sequencing. We have also provided validation services for medical gas production. ACE has implemented ASU controls for major industrial gas companies such as:

  • Airgas
  • Air Products
  • Air Liquide
  • Matheson TriGas
  • Messer (MG Industries)
  • National Welders Supply

Our industrial gases experience is not limited to air separation. ACE has provided controls for several helium production facilities and cryogenic chillers for National Labs (mostly with our partner Cryo Technologies). In addition, ACE has provided control systems for several hydrogen (HYCO) and natural gas liquefaction plants – including Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) considerations and safety controller configuration.

We are also experienced in applications for chemicals, oil & gas, metal production, medical and health care, water & waste water, electronics/semiconductor, pulp & paper, and glass.

ACE has designed and deployed controls for the industrial gases industry using a variety of platforms including ABB (Bailey), Emerson Process Management (DeltaV), Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, and Siemens. Please contact us for more information, including case histories, project reference lists, and application reference lists.