Oil & Gas - Upstream

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) understands the demands of working in the exploration and production sector of the oil & gas industry. We know that remote locations, harsh environments, and unstable political landscapes are the norm and safety is a priority.

Making sure controls are well tested and robust is the foundation of our business. Our commitment to fundamental good engineering practices, quality, and safety is reflected in our Quality Management System and Safety Management System. In fact, select members of our staff are certified by the CFSE Governance Board and TÜV Rhineland.

ACE has worked on a wide variety of projects, both onshore and offshore ranging from working with skid vendors to provide equipment such as oxygen, nitrogen, and compressor packages to drilling platforms and developing automated drilling applications, including programming services for an iron roughneck. We have also provided startup assistance in remote off-shore locations on a select basis, such as Sakhalin Island, and parts of Africa. For more information on the services we can provide please give us a call to discuss your project specifics.

Our customers include several international oil & gas companies and skid vendors. ACE has also provided supplemental process control engineering resources to Main Automation Contractors (MAC) including Emerson Process Management, Honeywell Process Automation, HIMA, and Siemens.