Boiler Controls Application Reference List

Following are examples of recent projects involving combustion control and burner management systems. Please contact your Applied Control Engineering, Inc. representative if you require additional information.

Redhills Power Plant

ACE was contracted by Redhills Power to complete the ABB Bailey Infi-90 control system configuration and provide startup support services for this 500MW coal-fired power plant in Ackerman, MS. ACE was able to correct configuration deficiencies and bring the plant on-line successfully, following months of erratic operation.

Conectiv Hay Road

ACE provided bridge controller and console configuration for an electrical generating facility expansion (combustion turbines with waste heat recovery steam generation). This relatively large facility had Conductor VMS consoles and eight (8) PCUs with multiple BRC controllers in each. ACE also provided the OSIsoft, Inc. PI data historian (hardware, software, configuration and commissioning). ACE has continued to support the plant following startup in 2003.

Coastal Carolina Clean Power

CCCP contracted ACE to remediate and complete an 800xA installation at its power plant in Charlotte. ACE initially made modifications to allow operations while further changes could be made off-line, employing our in-house 800xA equipment. ACE employed the PC Device Library in the resurrection of the control system logic, conducted an extensive FAT at our office, then assisted the customer with installation and startup.

New York Department of Environmental Protection

ACE supplied and programmed a boiler plant master panel for the Paerdegat Basin Waste Water Treatment Facility and 26th Ward Waste Water Treatment Facility boiler plants. The plants' master panel controlled the automatic starting and stopping of the boilers and associated pumps and valves (lead-lag) and the control of the primary water loop temperature. Control was done in an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with an Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus touch screen.

City University of New York

ACE supplied and programmed a boiler plant master panel for the central heating facility boiler plant at Medgar Evers University . The plant master panel controlled the automatic starting and stopping of the boilers and associated pumps and valves (lead-lag) and the control of the primary water loop temperature. Control was done in an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with two (2) GE Intellution iFIX stations.

Brookhaven National Laboratories

ACE replaced the existing boiler plant control system HMI with Wonderware InTouch. The controls stayed in the existing Bailey Infi 90. Additionally we integrated Allen Bradley PLCs controlling soot blowers and auxiliary equipment into the new HMI. Reporting and historical functions were added and configured. Our contract also includes maintenance and trouble shooting for the boiler control system and plant auxiliaries.

Christiana Health Care Services

On Boilers 1 through 3 ACE replaced the existing central control panel with control panels located locally at each boiler. The new panels used Moore 353 loop controllers. The Boiler 4 control panel was installed at the same time as Boiler 4. Later a plant master control panel was installed to control plant auxiliaries.

Pacific Gas and Electric

At the Carney’s Point Station, ACE replaced the power plant auxiliary boiler controls with a new control system consisting of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and RSView32.

Coastal Eagle Point

ACE replaced the boiler control system with a Moore APACS Microadvantage controller based system.

Shaw Environmental

ACE installed a control system for the Number 2 Fuel Oil System including fuel oil fill, outlet and circulation valves, fuel oil pumps, leak detection and heat tracing for 2 150,000 gallon tanks. The control hardware consists of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix with FactoryTalk View Studio.

PSE&G Nuclear

PSE&G had requested ACE to supply two (2) Steam Generator Blowdown systems (Unit 1 and 2), for their Salem/Hope Creek generating stations in New Jersey. Each control panel employed a dual-redundant Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5561 PLC and a VersaView panel mount PC running iFix for control and monitoring of the process. All controls are running off their own UPS in each panel. For both units a laptop PC was also supplied with, selectable by unit number, each systems programs, and is loaded with the Allen-Bradley and iFix development software. ACE provided PLC/SLC mapping to allow an existing Honeywell system to communicate with the ControlLogix controller to gather data and the status of each system. The project included all necessary design and quality documents, and was fully tested (FAT) prior to shipment and start-up.


ACE developed a control processor-based simulation of the Hay Road Combustion Turbine and Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) facility. The console operation remains the same in both the plant and the simulation because the simulation is located in the control processor. ACE worked with Delmarva Training personnel to develop a training package based upon the simulation. ACE has conducted several Bailey training sessions (5-day course) for Delmarva personnel.

Rollins Environmental

ACE successfully completed several projects that added new fuel streams to Rollins’ Rotary Kiln. The configuration considerations included combustion control and burner management. ACE supported the site (multiple PCUs and operator consoles) for seven years prior to its closing.

Brookhaven National Laboratories

The Main Steam Plant at Brookhaven National Laboratories (Long Island, NY) is controlled by Bailey Infi 90 and Allen-Bradley PLCs. ACE has provided emergency control system support services for the control equipment and the foreign device interface (FDI) linking the PLCs and DCS. ACE replaced three (3) aging and unreliable LAN 90 based operator consoles with Wonderware InTouch (a site standard HMI). ACE continues to provide support and small project design services for the Main Steam Plant.

Conectiv Bethlehem

ACE provided bridge controller and console configuration for a green field combustion turbine electrical generating facility. This relatively large facility, similar to the Hay Road facility, has Conductor VMS consoles and eight (8) PCUs with multiple BRC controllers in each.

Domino Sugar

ACE developed and implemented a combustion control strategy on a single 250,000 lb/hr boiler. The design allowed for the use of both natural gas and oil. Three element drum level control was implemented. An InTouch HMI was integrated with the overall plant application.

Bethlehem Steel

ACE developed and installed a combustion control and burner management system for the Coke Boiler Works at this Bethlehem, PA, facility. Three boilers, each producing 200,000 lb/hr of steam, were upgraded from the existing relay-based controls. Burner management was accomplished using a Honeywell system. Moore Products’ 352 controllers were used to implement combustion control with a MycroAdvantage HMI. The control strategy included full metered cross-limited combustion control and three element drum level control.

Coastal Eagle Point Refinery

Coastal modernized the control systems of two (2) 300,000 lb/hr boilers from the existing Beckman control system to a Moore Products’ APACS system. ACE implemented full metered cross-limited combustion control with three element drum level control. The boilers used both fuel oil and natural gas. Two (2) HMI nodes provide process information and boiler control.


ACE modernized the controls and control strategies of two (2) 50,000 lb/hr boilers at OxyChem’s Delaware City, Delaware facility. OxyChem uses three (3) different fuels in these boilers. Moore Products’ APACS control hardware was used, with redundant ACMs for combustion control and a QUADLOG Safety PLC for burner management. An InTouch HMI was developed for monitoring and control of the boiler systems.

PSE&G Nuclear

At the Peach Bottom nuclear generation station in Delta, PA, ACE replaced an outdated HMI with a Wonderware InTouch HMI for an auxiliary 50,000 lb/hr boiler. Screens were developed to interface with the burner management system and the combustion control. ACE revised the existing cross-limiting logic to ensure proper combustion control, as well as adding additional interlocks to the BMS.

PSE&G Nuclear

ACE designed and fabricated Rockwell PLC-based Blowdown control systems at the Salem, NJ generating station.