NERC CIP Compliance Application Reference List

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) offers a broad range of services to customers in the power industry. The following are examples of recent ACE projects involving NERC CIP compliance. For more information please contact your local ACE representative.

GDF Suez Energy NA (Astoria Energy)

ACE provided services to implement and manage the NERC CIP Reliability Standard compliance initiative at the combined Astoria I and II facilities. Combined, the side-by-side facilities are >800MW, and will operate from a common control room on the shared property. ACE provided assistance with the technical changes required for implementing corporate compliance procedures at the site, and management of the process to bring both facilities into full NERC CIP compliance. Deliverables included developing Cyber Asset and Critical Cyber Asset lists, generating detailed Electronic Security Perimeter (ESP) and Physical Security Perimeter (PSP) diagrams, and implementing electronic access controls and monitoring. Currently, ACE provides consultation on the CIP implementation and services for the OSIsoft PI historian within the facility.

Calpine Corporation (Conectiv)

ACE provided investigative services in support of Conectiv’s NERC CIP compliance efforts at eleven of its energy generation plants. This included reviewing the list of cyber assets, how they were interconnected, and providing documentation of all the findings. This work was performed via examination of system documentation, interviews of site personnel, and field inspections.

FirstLight Power Resources

ACE provided various control system integration services to segregate Cyber Assets from Critical Cyber Assets, to implement various capital projects, and for general plant operational support.

Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric

ACE provided services and systems to implement communications between remote plants and the grid operator in order to supply reliability data in a NERC CIP regulated environment.

PPL Generation, LLC

Prior to the adoption of Rev 4 of the NERC CIP standards, PPL needed assistance in developing project plans and capital budget estimates for NERC CIP compliance modifications at three of its Pennsylvania based electrical power generating plants. ACE provided services to review the existing control system documentation and perform walkdowns at each affected facility. ACE then produced 'as-found' versions of network topology diagrams and cyber asset lists. After discussions with central engineering, ACE produced 'NERC CIP Compliant' ESP diagrams and Critical Cyber Asset lists for each facility. Finally, ACE provided PPL with hardware and services estimates for modifications at each facility.