Waste Water/Municipal Application Reference List

The following is a sample of Water and Wastewater projects with which we have been involved. Please contact your Applied Control Engineering, Inc. representative if you require additional information.

Conectiv Energy

ACE provided a turnkey installation using an Allen-Bradley PLC-based control system to control a neutralization process for regen water collected off several RO units. The system included safe guards to ensure that water outside allowable limits could not be released back into the environment. A PanelView was provided for a local interface while a data highway plus communication network allowed for remote monitoring of the system.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation

As part of an environmental system upgrade, CIBA installed a wastewater neutralization system for the processing of wastewater prior to discharge into the municipal treatment plant. This system is monitored and controlled by a Modicon Quantum PLC Wonderware InTouch operator interface. Wastewater from the plant is intercepted and collected into two (2) five hundred thousand (500,000) gallon collection tanks, each with its own recirculation and effluent pumps. As one collection tank fills from the process, the wastewater in the other collection tank is neutralized and then pumped into the force main to the municipal treatment plant. ACE developed the algorithm for neutralization of the wastewater based on tank level and tank pH. The acid/caustic addition curves were developed based on sample titrations the plant process effluent.

Rollins Environmental Services

Rollins Environmental Services operated a waste incinerator/kiln with a downstream NOx gas scrubber. The wastewater off the scrubber ranged in pH from 0.5 to 8.5 before it was taken into a three (3)stage neutralization system. Using an ABB (Bailey Controls) Infi 90 distributed control system ACE developed control strategies to control pH within limits set by the New Jersey Department of Natural Resources.


Rollins Environmental Services (later known as Safety-Kleen) operated a waste incinerator/kiln at its Gibbstown, NJ facility. Following shutdown of the site, ACE was contracted to provide controls for ground water remediation. Water is pumped from wells around the site and sent through a scrubber. ACE provided controls for the scrubber and the remote well sites.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation

CIBA Specialty Chemicals operates a manufacturing facility located on a superfund site. In response to EPA regulations, CIBA installed a stormwater collection system to capture the initial run-off from a storm event to prevent contaminated surface water from running into the neighboring Christiana river. ACE configured a Modicon Quantum PLC and an InTouch operator interface to control the stormwater collection system consisting of stormwater sumps, pump stations and a storm-water storage tank. The collected stormwater is then sampled and used for cooling water (for a cooling tower), firewater or discharged into the plant process wastewater neutralization system.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute upgraded their existing water treatment and remediation facility computer system for Year 2000 compliance. This system, which ran with the Microsoft Windows for Workgroups operating system, was upgraded to Windows NT 4.0. Additionally, the Provox MicroDM Driver DDE Server, Wonderware InTouch and Tele-Dac Win911 applications were upgraded.

City of Wilmington

The City of Wilmington has combined sewers that overflow into the Christiana river during high storm conditions and take on tidal water during high tide. These conditions result in overload conditions at the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Based on a preliminary plan to implement an inflatable dam solution, ACE (under subcontract to Tetra Tech, Inc.) developed instrumentation and control design and prepared the Process Control Instrumentation specification used to bid this project.

City of Fitchburg

For the City of Fitchburg wastewater treatment plant, ACE has performed a number of projects for the sludge incineration process with WESP, RTO, and CEMS equipment. The projects have included upgrading the InTouch application and workstation computer, adding IndustrialSQL Server for continuous emissions data collection, and configuring a daily emissions report. The facility now has long term storage of CEMS data and an automated system that performs all the required calculations for their environmental permit. This includes six (6) minute and one (1) hour block averages and daily averages. Calibration data is also captured and can be reported.

City of Wilmington

ACE has supported the City of Wilmington with its PLC-based control systems and its Citect operator interface since 2006. ACE provides an annual support contract whereby City engineers can call upon ACE engineering support on an as needed basis.

Chester Water Authority

ACE has provided emergency support and project services for the Chester (county, PA) Water Authority since 2005. ACE provides control system support, on an as needed / as requested basis, and has also provided Modicon control panel design, equipment, fabrication, programming and startup assistance at the Susquehanna River Raw Water Pumping Station.

Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District (Falls Church, VA)

ACE provided a remote Lake Monitoring System via a web server and embedded camera functionality. The system also provides historical data recording for trending and preformatted reporting.

Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Water Research Center provides environmental monitoring and research for streams in the Northeast. The Stroud Center was contracted by Exelon to study the effects of warm water entering the Susquehanna from the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station. ACE was contracted by Stroud to provide a control system that could control tank water temperatures to follow a set profile, allowing the study of the effect of temperature change on aquatic life.