Case Histories

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) is a leader in providing innovative cost-effective solutions to process control and system integration challenges. Our case histories provide you with detailed write-ups on how we help give our customers the ability to better perform and compete in today’s constantly changing process control and information technology environment. To learn more, please contact your local ACE representative.

An Enterprise-Wide MES

ACE implemented MES solutions at a multi-billion-dollar company using Parsec’s TrackSYS software to track overall equipment effectiveness and identify production bottlenecks.

Pulp Mill DCS Upgrade Design, document, configure, and provide start-up support for the migration of a pulp mill operating and monitoring control system in order to improve life-cycle supportability.
Batch Control System Design and configure a control system for two identical batch production lines consisting of process and CIP skids using a single PLC connected to I/O devices utilizing Foundation Fieldbus and Ethernet I/O Communication.
Production and Batch Control System Integrate a new production line and control system including multiple OEM systems and a SQL Server providing for batch recipes, data collection, quality control, and inventory management.
Plant Utilities SCADA System Upgrade Provide services and hardware for a phased upgrade from an obsolete DCS control system based on Siemens APACS and Wonderware InTouch to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs with Wonderware System Platform.
Alarm Management Document alarm management practices for a pharmaceutical facility consisting of multiple reactor trains and support utilities controlled by DeltaV and Provox DCS systems, Rockwell PLCs, and standalone hard-wired alarms. Analyze systems and provide overall Alarm Management Master Plan.
Independent Alarm System Implement an independent alarm system for an oil and gas refinery using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and a CitectSCADA HMI. Provide centrally displayed plant wide alarm monitoring.
Flue Gas Desulfurization Design, configure and provide start-up support for a control system using Rockwell ControlLogix, Siemens APACS, and Wonderware InTouch to control a flue gas desulfurization system at a coal fired power plant.
Reactor Controls Upgrade and Expansion Replace an existing reactor control system using Siemens-Moore MycroAdvantage/APACS with a new Siemens PCS7 solution and expand it to include two reactors in a different part of the plant.
Mini Bioreactor Fed Batch Control System Develop control logic for a prototype mini bioreactor, duplicating existing functionality and developing new code for additional functionality.
C340 Tail Gas Compressor Implement a safety control system using Triconex controller and Citect HMI to control a hydrogen screw compressor. The compressor was designed as an upgrade to the tail gas system, to run in the refinery’s hydro-cracker unit for the production of off-road low sulfur diesel.