Batch Control System


Design and configure a control system for two identical batch production lines consisting of process and CIP skids using a single PLC connected to I/O devices utilizing Foundation Fieldbus and Ethernet I/O Communication.

  • Redundant ControlLogix L74 processors with three remote racks of I/O setup in a device level ring
  • Ethernet and Foundation Fieldbus I/O devices
  • Wireless Ethernet I/O on eight portable tanks
  • Eight OEM Skid PLCs (RO/DI, Clean Steam, Filter Testing, etc.)
  • Wonderware System Platform on redundant VMWare Hypervisor architecture with 4TB SAN
    • One Galaxy Repository
    • One Historian Server
    • One Batch Server
    • One Information Server
    • Eleven virtualized Windows 7 Professional based InTouch Stations
  • Two physical ArchestrA Object Servers
  • One Engineering Workstation
  • Eleven VMWare View Clients
    • Six wireless tablets (1024x768 resolution)
    • Five wired clients (1600x1200 resolution)
  • Two physical dual screen client stations

This project included two identical production lines, each consisting of a process skid and interchangeable CIP skids as well as shared skid based resources, such as RO/DI and Steam. A new control system was installed based on the ArchestrA platform with redundant Rockwell ControlLogix processors communicating to remote I/O via a device level ring. The ArchestrA platform included a Batch Server, a Historian Server, a Galaxy Repository, and an Information Server.

The system consisted of seven Control Modules for the process which covered 95% of the control equipment. For each of these modules, a specification and test document was generated. The remainder of the equipment was controlled via sequences or special programming which was documented in a Functional Requirements Specification and Software Design Specification. Phase logic was implemented for CIP, SIP, and Process Control with modular batch recipes defining the execution of the phases.

The thin clients came in two different form factors: wireless touchpad for mobile users and wired client devices for area operations. Each client was paired with a dedicated Virtual Machine that ran on one of the two VMWare Hypervisor servers. The operator interface incorporates navigation, trending, batch management, and almost seventy process graphics. The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system included two redundant controllers and three racks of EtherNet/IP based Remote I/O racks in a device level ring.

In addition to the conventional rack-based I/O this configuration also included devices on Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet, as well as wireless Rosemount transmitters on each of the tanks. The control system configuration included the use of equipment level Add-On Instructions (AOIs) which were mirrored in the System Platform configuration.


ACE continues to support this facility with both normal and emergency support. Since the commissioning of this system ACE has assisted with the integration of new OEM pieces of equipment and added new functionality to some of the existing OEM control systems. Due to the success of this project, ACE was recently awarded a new project to add part traceability throughout the production line and integrate a replacement OEM piece of equipment.