Mini Bioreactor Fed Batch Control System


Develop control logic for a prototype mini bioreactor, duplicating existing functionality and developing new code for additional functionality.

  • 52 Mini Bioreactors
  • Three Wonderware InTouch Operator Stations
  • Four APACS controllers networked via MBUS/MNET to two APACS Industrial Ethernet Modules (IEM)
  • One S7-400 Controller connected to ET200M I/O via Profibus
  • Ethernet connections to the existing Wonderware Historians and Batch Management systems

The development of a prototype system is the first step in a planned migration of 50 mini bioreactors from APACS to Siemens PCS7. This prototype system will serve as a proofofconcept on which the future migration will be based.

The upgraded control system utilized an S7 400 controller with ET200M I/O. These I/O modules had a small footprint that was necessary for implementation of the mobile benches. ACE assisted with the design of the mobile bench, particularly with the layout of the control and HMI hardware.

The new PCS7 logic was modeled after the existing APACS systems. The prototype also included additional controls for fed batch functionality, a new glucose analyzer with an Ethernet interface and an NIR spectrometer with a serial interface.

The existing InTouch HMI application was modified to communicate to the PCS7 controller instead of the APACS system to provide operators with an interface to the prototype system. The Historians and the Batch Manager were also redirected to the new controller.


Testing of the prototype system has been successfully completed. The migration effort for the remaining bioreactors is expected to move forward starting in the 1st quarter of 2009 using this initial work as the basis.