Production and Batch Control System


Integrate a new production line and control system including multiple OEM systems and a SQL Server providing for batch recipes, data collection, quality control, and inventory management.

  • Main production ControlLogix controller (L62) with ControlNet and EtherNet/IP communications
    • E-Stop System Remote I/O (ControlNet)
    • Eight ControlLogix OEM Control Systems (ControlNet)
    • Sixteen Allen-Bradley Kinetix Servos (some on OEM control systems)
    • Eight Production Robots (EtherNet/IP)
  • Main batching ControlLogix (L73) controller with ControlNet and EtherNet/IP communications
    • OEM Material Handling CompactLogix control system (ControlNet)
    • Forty-Two PowerFlex 70 and 700 VFDs (ControlNet, wired EtherNet/IP, and wireless EtherNet/IP)
    • Twenty-five ControlLogix Remote I/O racks (ControlNet and wireless EtherNet/IP)
    • Thirty-two weigh scales (wireless EtherNet/IP)
    • Twenty-four ProSoft Wireless Ethernet Access Points
  • Wonderware System Platform (Installed as physical servers, converted later to virtual by customer)
    • Galaxy Repository
    • Two Object Servers
    • Historian
    • Information Server
  • Eight Batching InTouch Operator Stations
  • Six Production InTouch Operator Stations
  • Two Maintenance InTouch Operator Stations
  • Rockwell Software FactoryTalk Transaction Manager and SQL Server

In this project, Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) integrated both the Production and Batch Systems. The integration involved two master ControlLogix PLCs that interfaced with VFDs, Robots, Weigh Scales, and OEM PLCs.

The tanks in the batching system were all mobile. This required that the I/O and VFDs for each of these tanks be wireless. For this a wireless network was created using ProSoft Technology Point to Multipoint devices.

The system utilizes FactoryTalk Transaction Manager for work order management and part information collection on the production side of the system, and batch management, quality control, and inventory on the batch side of the system. Transaction Manager transfers this data between the SQL Server and the Master PLCs.

Object integration was handled utilizing customer provided UDTs that were paired with ArchestrA objects. The ArchestrA architecture was initially deployed using physical servers. Later, the customer made virtual copies of those servers and now runs the system from their centralized VMWare VSphere Hypervisor Server.


ACE continues to support this facility with both normal and emergency support. Since the commissioning of this system ACE has assisted with the integration of new OEM pieces of equipment and added new functionality to some of the existing OEM control systems. Due to the success of this project, ACE was recently awarded a new project to add part traceability throughout the production line and integrate a replacement OEM piece of equipment.