Reactor Controls Upgrade and Expansion


Replace an existing reactor control system using Siemens-Moore MycroAdvantage/APACS with a new Siemens PCS7 solution and expand it to include two reactors in a different part of the plant.

  • Three reactors
  • One Siemens S7-400 controller and three racks of S7-300 I/O
  • Two PCS7 OS Client/Server HMIs with Redundancy options for alarm synchronization
  • One PCS7 ES Engineering Workstation
  • Profibus I/O Communications

Our implementation replaced an existing MycroAdvantage/ APACS system with a new PCS7 control system using functionally equivalent control algorithms. These algorithms were also applied to two reactors, currently without automation as part of a system expansion. In addition to the PCS7 development, ACE provided the design and fabrication for a new control cabinet, as well as the panel modifications required for the replacement of the APACS hardware.nbsp; The new PCS7 OS HMI provides operators with historical information for analog data and alarms that was not previously available through MycroAdvantage.


The new cabinet has been installed and the controls for the two associated reactors have been commissioned. The replacement of the third reactor is currently pending equipment availability.