ABB Project Reference List

The following is a sample of Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) projects involving the ABB family of products. For more information please contact your local ACE representative.

  • Experienced with the 800xA, Freelance, Bailey Controls, Taylor, and Fischer & Porter product lines.
  • ACE owned equipment for staging and support, including Bailey Infi 90, 800xA, and Freelance. ACE has used this equipment to show interconnectivity between ABB products, other control system platforms (Siemens over Bailey), and HMI products (InTouch, RSView, and Citect over Bailey).
  • Co-authored a technical paper with Bailey Project Manager Ted Mroz detailing the use of Bailey Infi 90 blockware simulations for configuration checkout and operator training.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

ACE provided system setup and configuration training for an 800xA system, as well as consultation services for implementing 800xA as the replacement for the existing OIS40 consoles at a HyCO / pipeline facility. The existing HMI system consisted of approximately one thousand (1,000) operator graphics and ten thousand (10,000) tags communicating to twenty (20) PCUs, and an OPC server that interfaced to Bristol RTUs used for pipeline monitoring.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

ACE created MFP and console configurations for eight (8) air separation units. These packaged plants consisted of one or more compressors with high-speed surge control and machine protection logic, dryer bed switching, distillation, and product disposition. The control systems included several PCUs, LAN 90 operator stations, and provisions for unattended operation including auto-starting and remote alarming.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Using MATLAB Simulink, ACE participated in four (4) projects involving the dynamic simulation of compressor sections for Amoco, Motorola, Intel, and Exxon. The simulation included Bailey Infi 90 blockware and was the basis for improving overall plant control strategies and estimating controller tuning constants.

Allied Signal

ACE engineers served as resources for the upgrade of four (4) operator consoles from OIS20 to Conductor NT. ACE also modified control system logic in blockware and Batch 90 to combine furnace vacuum skids and improve operability.

Applied Separations

ACE configured an 800xA control system for a high-pressure palm oil production facility. ACE participated in control strategy development for this developmental process. Customer FAT and ad hoc system training were included in the project deliverables.


ACE was contracted by ABB to provide startup assistance on a Freelance control system application originally developed in Germany and installed at a BASF research facility in New Jersey.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

ACE developed life cycle documents (FRS, DDS, IQ, and OQ) for a MOD 300 upgrade to DeltaV. ACE developed the specification for the replacement DeltaV control system based on the existing MOD 300 application and P&IDs.

Brookhaven National Laboratories

The main steam plant at Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island, NY is controlled by Bailey Infi 90 and Allen-Bradley PLCs. ACE has provided emergency control system support services for the control equipment and the FDI linking the PLCs and DCS. ACE has also replaced three (3) aging and unreliable LAN 90 based operator consoles with Wonderware InTouch (the site standard HMI). ACE continues to provide support and small project design services.

Capitol Power Plant

ACE was contracted by the Architect of the Capitol to provide implementation of an ice control system for plant cooling towers at the Capitol Power Plant. ACE provided all logic design and implementation as well as startup, commissioning, and personnel training. Additional HMI displays were added and existing displays were modified for complete control of the de-icing operation. ACE was responsible for full implementation of the de-icing system including integration of control sequences for four (4) cooling towers into the existing 800xA DCS.

Cherokee Pharmaceuticals

Working on a MOD 300 with Advant system, ACE assisted plant control engineers with database (CCF) and program/phase (TCL) development for a new pharmaceutical line. ACE also assisted with interlock, database, phase, program, and recipe documentation, and validation.

Coastal Carolina Clean Power

CCCP contracted ACE to remediate and complete an 800xA installation at its power plant in Kenansville, NC. ACE initially made modifications to allow operations while further changes could be made off-line—employing our in-house 800xA equipment. ACE utilized the PC Device Library in the resurrection of the control system logic, conducted an extensive FAT at our office, and assisted the customer with installation and startup. ACE continues to provide remote maintenance and support of the system via VPN.


ACE provided bridge controller and console configurations for an electrical generating facility expansion (combustion turbines with waste heat recovery steam generation). This relatively large facility had Conductor VMS consoles and eight (8) PCUs with multiple BRC controllers in each. ACE also provided the OSIsoft PI data historian (hardware, software, configuration, and commissioning). Following startup in 2003, ACE has continued to support the plant.

Covanta (formerly Montenay Energy Resources / Veolia Energy)

For this very active trash to steam plant, ACE provided a turnkey HMI upgrade on an existing Bailey Infi 90 system replacing the Conductor NT HMI with a Citect 5000 HMI. Applications included combustion controls, burner management, balance of plant, and miscellaneous monitoring and reporting. ACE was involved with the design, engineering, hardware and software, application implementation, testing, installation, start-up, commissioning, training, and documentation. In addition, ACE supported the updating and programming of the Bailey CIU for a seamless solution between the Bailey Infi 90 controllers and the new HMI. The control room was also completely refurbished as part of this upgrade.


ACE developed a control processor based simulation of the Hay Road combustion turbine and heat recovery steam generation facility. The console operation remains the same in both the plant and the simulation because the simulation is located in the control processor. ACE worked with Delmarva training personnel to develop a training package based upon the simulation. ACE has since conducted several 5- day Bailey training sessions for Delmarva.

DTE Energy

Bluewater Energy contracted ACE to assist with the installation and startup of a wet scrubber at a DTE power plant in Monroe, MI. ACE provided engineering services for I/O checkout, 800xA logic implementation, and equipment startup. ACE also provided startup and commissioning services for DTE and equipment vendor representatives.


For this project, ACE engineered Bailey Infi 90 control logic and PPB graphics for monomer compression. The project included regulatory process control, machinery and process interlocks, and Bailey Infi 90 Bridge Controller based FDIs to monitor both safety and atmospheric sensor systems. The primary benefit of this project was the introduction of automated sequential control of the compressor. The new sequential control logic automated the best practices of those who operate the equipment. In addition to consistent operation of the compressor, other benefits of this project included enhanced product quality and reduced environmental impact due to variable start-up operation.


ACE worked with DuPont engineering, process development, and operating personnel to develop the control strategy for a batch chemical plant. ACE developed a batch functional description that was used in conjunction with P&IDs to develop the AC800F controller configuration. The control system had five (5) control processors and multiple operator consoles. ACE developed the configuration and provided site startup assistance.

GE Power Systems

This project consisted of a control system retrofit and expansion for a ceramic matrix composites manufacturing facility. The control system was comprised of three (3) PCUs with OIS20 consoles, later upgraded by ACE to Conductor NT. ACE has continued to support the site through expansion, console upgrades, Y2K testing, remote monitoring, and application support.


ACE has worked with GSK on many building automation projects at their Upper Merion R&D facility. The site’s central utility plant HMI utilizes redundant Conductor NT servers. Symphony with Rack I/O and S800 I/O modules control facility, laboratory, and animal science HVAC systems. OPC interface is heavily utilized to support centralized alarm management and data monitoring. Other systems such as Allen-Bradley and JCI Metasys are interfaced directly as OPC clients. Rovisys OPC applications are also used to provide Bailey Infi 90 data to energy management and utility optimization systems. ACE’s engineering scope has included all project phases from DCS design consultation and planning through installation, testing, and start-up.


ACE designed and programmed three (3) 800xA redundant controllers and supporting servers for this modest-sized petrochemical plant. The refrigeration area, NH3 area, and H2 recovery system were all upgraded from obsolete PLC and panel-based controllers to the 800xA platform. ACE provided programming, panel design, and fabrication.

National Welders Supply

Universal Industrial Gasses, Inc. (UIG) contracted ACE to supply complete 800xA control systems for two air separation plants: one in Indiana and another in Kentucky. ACE worked as a project team member with UIG and National Welders during project development, design, and installation. ACE provided P&ID review, control system specification, 800xA equipment and licensing, control panel design and fabrication, installation supervision, and startup assistance.


ACE provided custom on-site training for Noramco's 800xA system. The training was designed for engineers and technicians with a focus on engineering / tools and troubleshooting. Training topics included a review of system communication / architecture, basic application configuration using Control Builder and Function Designer, basic graphics engineering, downloading and monitoring configurations to 800M controllers, historizing data for collection and display, and a general overview of features / functions that were added as the result of a recent software upgrade. The system is in a validated environment.

NRG Energy

ACE setup an 800xA training system for Indian River site personnel and conducted technician training. The training focused on the basics of 800xA and was designed to provide the technicians with the ability to debug the system. The training system also provided the customer with an offline simulator to use for future operator training.

NRG Energy

NRG had a Bailey DCS retrieving information from four (4) PLCs in a water treatment plant. ACE designed a DH+ network and installed an Allen-Bradley FDI. ACE also designed and installed one (1) Allen-Bradley PLC and upgraded two (2) others to support the DH+ networking. The data collected is recorded by the plant OSIsoft PI historian and available at the Conductor VMS consoles.


For this 800xA system, ACE was involved with hardware and software installation, startup, and commissioning. Post installation ACE has been responsible for full system administration including hardware and software updates, changes to functionality, routine and preventive maintenance, and problem determination and resolution. ACE has also been responsible for GMP validation and documentation maintenance. ACE provided operator and user training for the system. ACE also acted as an interface to all other departments for NOE resolutions and building issues.

Protein Solutions

ACE has worked with Protein Solutions since early 2013. Their system is based on the PM866 (800xA) model of processor with redundant servers providing information to clients in a central control room. ACE initially provided engineering services to implement control of a second decanter (centrifuge) and recently assisted in two successful process expansions whereby new cooker and baghouse controls were incorporated into the control system. ACE continues to provide as needed technical support both onsite and via VPN.

Rollins Environmental

ACE successfully completed several projects that added new fuel streams to Rollins’ rotary kiln. The configuration considerations included combustion control and burner management. ACE supported the site’s multiple PCUs and operator consoles for seven years prior to its closing.