DeltaV Project Reference List

Following is a sample of recent DeltaV projects with which we have been involved. Please contact your Applied Control Engineering, Inc. representative if you require additional information.

Johnson Matthey Pharmaceuticals

ACE specified, procured, configured and fully implemented a DeltaV control system for a new bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing facility consisting of two (2) reactor trains with expansion provisions for four (4) additional trains. The control system included approximately 600 I/O points, five (5) operator stations, one (1) data historian three (3) redundant controller pairs, two (2) Allen-Bradley SLC/PLC interfaces, and an interface to a building automation system (BAS). ACE’s scope included the development of the following GAMP Life Cycle documentation: Functional Requirements Specification, Software Detailed Design Specifications, Hardware Detailed Design Specifications, Factory Acceptance Test, and Site Acceptance Test. Other services provided included design and procurement of control and I/O cabinets, development of custom graphics, staging and test of the system prior to shipment to site, development of an operator users guide, conducting system maintenance training, and providing site installation/commissioning/startup assistance.

Air Products & Chemicals

ACE designed, configured and fully implemented a DeltaV Control System for a Natural Gas Liquifaction Process. The control system included approximately 800 I/O points, four (4) operator stations, four (4) redundant controller pairs, and communication interfaces to burner management and thermal oxidizer systems. ACE’s scope of services included the following: 1) design / delivery of the control system panels and I/O cabinets, 2) staging and integrated testing of the control system prior to shipment to the client’s site, 3) development of approximately fifty (50) custom graphic displays, 4) conducting operator training, 5) development of an operations manual, and 6) installation, commissioning, and startup assistance.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals

ACE successfully implemented a communication interface between several independent DeltaV systems and a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant OSI PI Historian Server Application. The local DeltaV historians serve as a PI API node, serving data to the larger PI Historian.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

ACE was requested to update and commission several custom reports in the client’s DeltaV system. The report generation is scheduled to automatically run and printout on a weekly basis.

Wyeth Grange Castle

In 2002 and 2003, Wyeth’s Grange Castle, Ireland, was one of the largest biopharmaceutical construction projects in the world. ACE provided two DeltaV engineers to work at the Emerson Process Management facility in Leicester, England. This site was responsible for testing/correcting both configuration and documentation prior to shipment to the site. ACE engineers provided system testing, debugging, and configuration changes through change control procedures.


Millipore provides ultrafiltration skids to the biopharmaceutical industry and over the years, ACE has provided system integration services, mostly PLC-based. Millipore was contracted to provide DeltaV controls for several skids that would normally have been PLC-based. ACE worked with Millipore to implement and test the DeltaV controls and was further contracted for startup assistance at Millipore’s customer site.

Merck & Co.

ACE developed and implemented custom programming and interfacing to synchronize clocks throughout several buildings as Merck’s West Point vaccination facility.


ACE was selected for the control system upgrade at Atofina’s Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, Nylon facility. ACE partnered with Proconex and Lancaster Electric for this turnkey installation. ACE provided the DeltaV system, control cabinet design and fabrication, installation and supervision, startup assistance, and final commissioning for the $1M project.

Merck & Co.

ACE provided six months of on-site start-up support for DeltaV system in a new vaccine production facility. Created and modified batch operations and continuous control logic. Conducted software module tests and provided support during operational testing. Updated system documentation through change control procedures.

Human Genome Sciences

ACE was contracted by HGS to conduct a performance evaluation of DeltaV against other PLC/HMI and DCS systems. As a result of this evaluation, HGS has accepted DeltaV as their company control system standard. ACE has since provided DeltaV related validation documentation development and protocol execution.

Velsicol Chemicals

As both a Siemens Solution Provider (the Siemens Integrator Program) and a DeltaV Independent Systems Integrator (the DeltaV Integrator Program), ACE was asked to develop a serial communication interface beteen DeltaV and a Siemens APACS+ control system. ACE developed the interface and commissioned the system.

International Specialty Products

Contracted to evaluate the DeltaV Control System for application on the client’s flexible batch process.

Merck & Co.

ACE was subcontracted by the DeltaV distributor to provide a batch application for a new Fluid Air Bed Dryer using DeltaV with a batch historian. The system involved approximately 100 I/O points, and three computers. Custom reporting was tied into the system using the existing PI and SQL connections. Reports could be generated by the user at the completion of the batch, or at any point after batch completion. ACE involvement included design, configuration, Factory Acceptance Testing, and limited site support.

Merck & Co.

ACE designed, configured and installed a DeltaV system to control two production fermenters, replacing an aging B. Braun control system and adding functionality. ACE integrated the new DeltaV controls into an existing site DeltaV system. The system required one new controller and three new operator stations, as well as custom batch reporting code. Custom reporting was tied into the system using the existing PI and SQL connections. ACE involvement included design, configuration, FAT, installation, and start-up support.

Merck & Co.

The default DeltaV alarming functionality was customized for one production area. The primary customization required an operator-entered comment upon acknowledging specific alarms. The operator comment is logged, allowing the built-in DeltaV event log to replace a paper-based comment log while enforcing operator compliance. In addition, ACE added functionality to allow the operator to enter comments into the event log at other points in their process, and provided a custom acknowledge function to acknowledge a specific subset of alarms.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals

ACE developed the URS/FS documents for the conversion of an ABB MOD300 system in a pilot plant to an Emerson DeltaV system. The system conversion was necessary to accommodate production of a new anti-cancer drug for a market launch, as well as to satisfy 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Approximately 20 URS documents were developed for both the fermentation process area controls and the purification process area controls. The success of this project led to an additional project to develop OQ documents and SOPs for the same system. Both projects involved time spent onsite at the BMS Syracuse site, working with BMS employees to identify requirements and clarify actual operation of the system during development and installation. In addition, the work on these projects called on ACE’s knowledge and understanding of both the ABB and DeltaV control systems.