GE Intelligent Platforms Project Reference List

Following is a sample of recent GE projects with which we have been involved. This includes such products as GE 90-30 and 90-70 PLCs, Intellution FIX, FIX32, and iFIX, GE Cimplicity, and Proficy. Please contact your Applied Control Engineering, Inc. representative if you require additional information.


ACE provided engineering services on a process control and data collection system for a fermentation process at Berlex’s Seattle, Washington site. The project included a SCADA architecture with four clients. Intellution iFIX Version 3.5 was used as the HMI package. ACE also installed and configured the 21 CFR Part 11 ER/ES features of this package. The SCADA system connected to Intellution’s iHistorian real-time historian. The control systems were integrated with the vendor supplied skids containing Allen-Bradley and Siemens control platforms. ACE also provided design and test documentation.

Air Products and Chemicals

In 1997, ACE signed a master service agreement with Air Products. Since that time, ACE has completed several projects using the GE family of PLCs as well as GE CIMPLICITY for an operator interface. These projects have included efforts at plant sites in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Taiwan.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

As the preferred systems integrator at AstraZeneca’s Newark, Delaware site, ACE provided FIX32 configuration services for several projects. In all cases, the FIX32 nodes interfaced with Modicon PLCs.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb

ACE performed a controls retrofit on a system with seven GE 90-70 PLCs, each with its own dedicated Wonderware InTouch interface. The control system provides for recipe management in each of the separate batch reactor systems. An Industrial SQL server was also configured for data acquisition for all of the areas. Since the successful implementation of this project, ACE has supported these systems, providing minor troubleshooting and system enhancements.


This customer manufactures electrochemical grinding machines, which are used to machine completely burr-free. ACE designed electrical wiring, programmed GE 90-30 operations, and configured a QuickPanel touchscreen interface for this machine. The controls’ scheme included operation of the machine in two axes of motion as well as control of a conductive cooling fluid addition from the associated coolant tank. ACE created the system for the first prototype machine, and has since incorporated enhancements, which have been incorporated into additional units.

Connecticut Department of Corrections

Two new GE 90-30 PLCs were programmed and installed to replace non-PLC based and hardwired controls for cell block and main gate entry control and alarming. Existing 90-70 and 90-30 communications were upgraded and tied together for common viewing and control. Three touch screen workstations were configured and installed along with a central historical data server.

CT Films

For this Dover, Delaware customer, ACE provided integration between a FIX DMACS HMI and a GE 90-30 PLC. Configuration enhancements were also provided to take advantage of additional product features.

DuPont Pharmaceuticals

ACE provided DuPont Pharmaceuticals in Deepwater, New Jersey with FIX32 configuration on several projects. These projects consisted of upgrading existing HMI systems to FIX32 as well as developing the FIX32 configuration from scratch. Most of these projects involved interfacing with Honeywell control systems. ACE also provided the life cycle documentation required for system validation.

General Electric Power Systems

ACE developed and installed a GE 90-70 PLC control system with a FactoryLink HMI for the Steam Turbine Generator Division in Schenectady, New York. The three autoclaves that ACE retrofitted are used to cure the insulation on the generator stator bars. Recipe logic included several temperature profiles for the assorted materials processed.

Inolex Chemical Co.

ACE implemented batch controls and recipe management for two new pre-mix tanks. The control system architecture included a GE 90-30 PLC with VersaMax I/O modules and a GE CIMPLICITY operator interface. The interface was configured to store and retrieve batch parameters in a Microsoft Access database.

Johnson Matthey Corporation

ACE implemented an iFIX SCADA and manufacturing execution system (MES) at the JMC facility in Wayne, Pennsylvania. This multiple-project effort involved the development of a new configuration for multiple iFIX nodes integrated with Siemens Series 505 PLCs. Intellution’s VisiconX was used to interface large quantities of plant data with an Oracle database. Visual basic code was used to integrate a QC data entry system, iFIX, and an Oracle database. Visual Basic code was also developed for a logistics system and its interface with the Oracle database.

Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Association

Since 2000, ACE has provided maintenance support on all of the control systems at MD&VA’s process facility. These systems include two GE 90-70 PLCs and one GE 90-30 PLC with FIX32 operator interfaces, which control the evaporation and drying phases of the production line. The maintenance support has involved troubleshooting hardware and communication failures as well as incorporating several enhancements to the system.

Midstream Energy (formerly Colorado Interstate Gas)

This project was an HMI upgrade for a Helium extraction facility in Keyes, Oklahoma. ACE upgraded an existing Moore Products MycroAdvantage HMI to FIX32. The application was then merged with CIG’s corporate operations in Colorado Springs so that the plant could be remotely monitored. ACE continues to support this site with a maintenance contract for minor control changes and enhancements.


This project was an HMI upgrade for a pharmaceutical facility in Wilmington, Delaware. ACE upgraded two existing FIX32 systems to iFIX 3.0 SCADA nodes. The main project driver was a set of new EPA reporting requirements. An Excel-based report was developed that pulled process data from the local historians and alarms into the specified format. This report also required the addition of several new alarms and I/O additions to the existing PLC programs (an Allen-Bradley PLC5 and SLC5/04).


ACE provided SCADA configuration, documentation, and testing for a filtration skid for Pall. Intellution iFIX version 4.0 was used as the HMI package. The SCADA system connects to Intellution's iHistorian real-time historian. Intellution's iBatch version 5.0 is interfaced with an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controller. ACE also provided design and test documentation.

Rhodia (formerly Rhone-Poulenc)

ACE was asked to help maintain and provide enhancements for a GE 90-70 PLC, a CIMPLICITY HMI, and a UNIX based batch engine. The system provides for monitoring and control as well as data acquisition for a batch reactor process. Under this support contract, ACE is responsible for everything from minor bug fixes to the implementation of new control strategies.

Schering-Plough Corporation

ACE provided SCADA configuration, documentation and testing for a Kinetics WFI system. Intellution iFIX Version 3.0 was used as the HMI package. ACE also installed and configured the 21 CFR Part 11 ER/ES features of this package, and provided GAMP design and test documentation, including Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP), Software Design Document (SDD), and Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT & SAT).

Shire HGT

ACE was asked to provide on-going major project support at Shire’s new Roller Bottle manufacturing facility in Lexington, MA. The control system architecture included Siemens S7 PLCs and GE Proficy HMI/SCADA software. Project scope included preliminary engineering, confirmation and documentation of module library, control system definition, documentation development, control panel design and procurement, PLC and HMI/SCADA configuration, acceptance testing, project management, site installation support, commissioning/startup, and validation support.

VPI Mirrex, Inc.

On two separate projects, ACE retrofitted the operator interfaces to several GE Series VI PLCs for a calendar line and a wastewater treatment facility. Both of these projects involved the upgrade of an existing HMI system to multiple iFIX nodes, interfacing with GE Series VI PLCs. ACE also provided the flat panel displays that were mounted into existing panels. ACE was selected for this job because of our level of experience with GE control products.


ACE constructed a line control and reporting system for a solid dose bottle filling line at Wyeth’s Puerto Rico site. An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC collects data from eight vendor-supplied skids and provides conveyor control and supervisory line control. Using GE’s iFIX Version 4.0 in a client/server configuration with one SCADA node and three clients, operators monitors and provides supervisory control for the line. The SCADA system connects to GE’s Proficy Historian to record real-time line data. This data is monitored by GE’s Plant Applications Efficiency module. Line efficiency and productivity reports are presented via a web interface using Proficy Information Portal.


ACE provided engineering services on a process control and data collection system for a fill line at Wyeth’s Pearl River, NY site, including a vial filler, lyophilizer and isolators. The project included a redundant SCADA architecture with six clients. Intellution iFIX Version 3.0 was used as the HMI package. ACE also installed and configured the 21 CFR Part 11 ER/ES features of this package. The SCADA system connected to Intellution’s iHistorian real-time historian. The control systems were integrated with the vendor supplied skids containing Allen-Bradley SLC, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, and Siemens S7 control platforms. ACE also provided design and test documentation including a Hardware Design Specification (HDS), Software Design Specification (SDS), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and Installation and Operation Qualification (IOQ).