Honeywell Project Reference List

  • More than 10 years experience with Honeywell hardware and software
  • Over 20 years experience with various Honeywell systems
  • ACE has had formal / contractual relations with Honeywell since 1998 and has the SIM-C200 controller (providing a full Experion PKS development environment) in house.
PSEG Power

Performed analysis and recommended changes to implement a three-element control strategy for six boilers. Upon completion of review process, the three element strategy was tested and implemented on the Honeywell TDC 3000 control system. System was designed to allow fall back to two and single element strategy on loss of input transmitters. Boilers were then tuned to optimize performance.

DuPont Chambers Works

Configured an Experion PKS C200 control system for a multi-vessel batch process. Utilized Recipe Control Modules (RCM’s) to manage phase operations. This project is the first phase in a multi-phase effort to replace a Moore DCS due to failing operator interfaces. The Experion system communicated to the Moore controller via OPC and redundant Moore ICI’s.

International Specialty Products

ACE provided Experion PKS Web based graphics for C200 control system. ACE also developed standards for use in future projects and performed FAT utilizing SIM-C200 controller.

International Specialty Products

Supported ISP during Honeywell Y2K testing at its corporate facility in New Jersey and plants in Texas and Kentucky.

Sunoco, Inc.

ACE provided conversion from Basic and Multifunction controllers to Experion C200 controllers. In addition, ACE developed database conversion tools to automate the process. Experion graphics, based on TDC 3000 graphic files, were also created.

Sunoco, Inc.

ACE designed, configured and provided startup assistance for a major refinery modification. The design included merging existing database with new database coming from five separate subcontractors, point relocation and conversion from Basic Controllers to PM family controllers, and communication from PLCG to Bentley Nevada Vibration monitoring hardware. ACE also coordinated and implemented process interlocks based on the subcontractors’ written description.

Sunoco, Inc.

ACE provided HPM and GUS graphics design for the Marcus Hook Sulfur Recovery Unit, which began operation in late 2003. ACE developed an engineering guide for the control system configuration and provided ad-hoc training during startup.

Sunoco, Inc.

ACE provided an HPM based Sulfur Recovery Unit for the Eagle Point plant. This system included a sixty inch Plasma display providing a plant overview graphic.

Bristol Myers Squibb

ACE provided Honeywell PLCs, hardened Intellution iFix HMI consoles, control cabinet design and fabrication, and validation documents for the Process Research Facility in Deepwater, New Jersey. Prior to the system expansion and upgrade, the building was owned by DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals. ACE worked with the engineering contractor PFI to accomplish the control system upgrade and facility expansion.

DuPont Edge Moor

ACE implemented an Operator Alarm Notification System to assist with an unattended control room operation. The pager system also allows management to remain informed with respect to production rates and alarms while off site.

DuPont Experimental Station

ACE was contracted by DuPont to work with their engineering contractor BE&K on a control system upgrade for the Agricultural Chemicals Pilot Plant. ACE designed, configured, staged and assisted with startup of the facility. The control system followed DuPont’s GUS standards. The system was later expanded to include the Cylinder Room Scrubber and Feed Gas equipment.

DuPont Niagara Falls

ACE provided Honeywell configuration for the combustion controls (including cross limiting) for the sodium melting pots. The controls were converted from Moore Products 352 panel-mounted single loop digital controllers. With ACE experience with both platforms, the conversion went smoothly. ACE provided on site startup assistance.


ACE converted a TDC 2000 Wastewater Treatment plant from a Multifunction controller and graphic database to a TDC 3000 HPM database and graphics. ACE utilized offline database tools to effect the conversion.


ACE provided control system design, support and 24x7 emergency engineering support for FMC in Baltimore since 1996. Configured a TDC 3000 system for TMOA, MAC and Chlomazone. Created GUS graphics for Plant 4 and Chlomazone. In Newark, Delaware, ACE supported an A-B PLC network and Honeywell’s connection to the plant OSI PI historian.

FMC—Prince George

ACE migrated a Honeywell TDC 3000 AMC Database to an HPM database. The final database was approximately 1500 points which included a number of AM programs, MC programs and MC logic blocks. ACE also provided on-site startup support.

Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell contracts ACE for short-term system support for clients such as Exxon, Sunoco and others, as well as for larger projects, including Solvay Solexis and WR Grace.

Solvay Solexis

Honeywell Process Solutions contracted ACE to provide the system engineering to upgrade several older Basic, Extended and Multi-Function controllers to High Performance Modules. ACE used its database conversion tools and provided the database conversion, ad-hoc operations and engineering training. ACE also provided on-site startup and commissioning assistance.

WR Grace

Honeywell Process Solutions contracted ACE to provide the system engineering to upgrade several older Basic, Extended and Multi-Function controllers to High Performance Modules. ACE will provide the database conversion, ad-hoc operations and engineering training, and provided startup and commissioning assistance.