Process Historians Project Reference List

    • OSI PI Integrator since 1995 with dozens of projects completed.
    • AspenTech InfoPlus.21 experience on staff.
    • Scores of database and web-based reporting applications installed.
Bethlehem Steel

ACE developed and installed a PI Historian to store process, utilities, and emissions information. A PI server was interfaced to multiple Moore Products distributed control systems, local instrument links, and single loop digital controllers for process and event data acquisition. Using the PI client applications, manufacturing and corporate management reports were configured. Uses for this information include energy usage optimization, an on-demand totalization report, daily natural gas distribution, and environmental compliance monitoring.

Hershey Foods

Over a three year period, ACE provided loading analyses, configuration, and support services for Hershey’s PI system to correct data collection and reporting problems. Over 20 critical reports were verified to ensure the data was accurate and that it matched the actual plant situation. Additionally, ACE developed an Excel-based interface to those reports thereby making them easily accessible to all appropriate personnel. Hershey personnel are now able to request any number of reports by time period and have assurance that they are both complete and accurate.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

ACE provided engineering services for an existing PI 3.0 Historian at the King of Prussia facility. The single VAX server acquires HVAC data from approximately 40 pharmaceutical research and manufacturing buildings on-site to conform to GMP and GLP standards. We added a significant number of points from an ABB distributed control system to enhance data collection, troubleshooting, and reporting capabilities.

Conectiv Indian River

An ACE engineer developed and installed a 20,000 tag PI System. A single VMS server using PI 1.6 collected data from a ABB Infi90 DCS. Utilizing both PI-ProcessBook and custom logs, reports were configured for plant and corporate use. Conectiv employees were trained on PI-DataLink and PI-ProcessBook client applications.

Conectiv Hay Road

ACE retrofitted controls on simple cycle and combined cycle turbines, and integrated them with a plant-wide OSIsoft PI 3.0 Historian for the Hay Road facility’s new combustion turbine plant. The PI Historian runs on an MS NT 4.0 server, polling data from an ABB Infi90 DCS. The historian was connected to all processes, including the site waste water treatment plant. This historical information is used for reports detailing energy consumption, production levels, process up-time, and environmental compliance.

ACE’s scope included development of a functional specification, detailed design specification, factory acceptance test, and site acceptance test, as well as training for operations and engineering personnel.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb

This project concerned a central PI server for a pharmaceutical plant. The system has PI API nodes in several buildings collecting data and forwarding to the central server. The PI API nodes are connected to control systems from several different manufacturers.

ACE’s scope included commissioning of the system, development of detailed specifications, IQ/OQ test development and execution, and customer training to satisfy FDA cGMP regulatory requirements.

Polycast Technology Division

In this project, ACE configured an InSQL application that collected over 10,000 data values from thirty PLCs used in the production of optical quality cast acrylic sheets. ACE configured InTouch stations with historical and real-time display trends for the InSQL data. In addition, the batch data from InSQL was written to an existing dBASE format used at that plant. Using Microsoft Access, ACE designed custom batch reports using the information in the dBASE database.

Akzo Nobel Chemical

ACE provided technical consulting and systems integration engineering services for this Wonderware InSQL application used in the collection of process data for catalyst manufacturing from a Bailey Infi-90 system. Using Microsoft Access, ACE designed custom reports including a batch report that listed over two hundred steps and a report detailing the daily nitrogen usage by the plant.


InSQL was configured to collect machine data from PLCs in two different plants involved with golf ball manufacturing. Using Crystal Reports, ACE implemented web-based reporting so that plant personnel could view production information and downtime reports on their local intranet.

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

ACE provided integration services to SmithKline Beecham in Upper Merion Township, PA. This system involved over 60 fermenters and other process equipment. An InSQL application provided real-time collection of batch data from a Moore APACS control system. ACE configured trend displays to view the batch data historically or real-time from six InTouch stations in various areas of the plant. InBatch provided the batch engine to sequence the phases within the control system. ACE provided integration and on-site support as the fermenters were brought on-line.

Ciba-Geigy Corporation

ACE configured and implemented an InTouch/InSQL application that collected information from seven Modicon PLCs for the wastewater treatment, powerhouse and various process areas of the plant. Using Microsoft Access, ACE developed custom reports for each area that were made available to plant personnel over their network.

Domino Sugar

Wonderware’s InSQL package was used in this project to store LIMS data and collect process information from Allen-Bradley PLCs and Moore APACS systems. ACE configured InTouch nodes throughout the plant with real-time and historical trend displays to view the collected data.

Titleist Ball Plant II

ACE incorporated four production lines in an expansion of Titleist’s historical data and reporting system. A Microsoft SQL server and Wonderware HMI were accessed to auto-populate all report fields. Illuminator and Crystal Reports act as the front end, allowing production status and machine downtime reports to be accessed across the network.

Titleist Ball Plant III

Working with Titleist from the ground up, ACE configured and installed the PLCs, HMI, historian, and reporting systems. Lighthammer’s Illuminator package and Seagate’s Crystal Reports were used together to generate Web-based reports. A Microsoft SQL server interfaced with the Wonderware HMI to collect data. Reports include shift production summaries, downtime reports for individual machines, and alarm summaries. These reports help Titleist improve their process reliability, uptime, and product quality.

Air Products

A web-based reporting system was configured for one of Air Product’s warehousing facilities in Arizona. Reports detailed alarm status and alarm history, as well as general inventory status. Using extensions to GE’s CIMPLICITY package these reports are available from any computer on the network.