Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley Project Reference List

The following are examples of recent Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) projects involving the Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley family of products. For more information please contact your local ACE representative.

  • Experience with Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley products dating back to 1995.
  • Formal relationship with Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley since 2003.
  • Rockwell Automation Solution Partner since 2013.
  • Hundreds of successful projects.
  • Active software licensing for all product versions.
  • ACE-owned hardware for staging and support including PLC5s, SLCs, and CLX processors.
Bristol-Myers Squibb

This New Jersey based biopharmaceutical pilot plant is controlled by Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 and 5/05 controllers, while a mix of Allen-Bradley PanelView and Wonderware InTouch provide the operator interfaces. The equipment includes bioreactors, CIP stations, filtration skids, chromatography skids, utilities, and waste kill stations. ACE has performed numerous upgrades and enhancements including an upgrade to the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) control strategy on the bioreactors, which has improved the precision of DO control.

City of Fitchburg

The City of Fitchburg operates a waste water treatment plant and incineration facility controlled by Allen-Bradley PLC 5/40s and SLC 5/04s via a Wonderware InTouch operator interface. In addition to standard waste treatment, the incinerator’s products of combustion are treated by WESP and RTO units which are also under PLC control. The most recent project involved the configuration of an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controller to control pump speed for level control of a waste water holding tank. The successful completion of the project allowed the site to adjust staffing requirements.

DuPont Manati

ACE worked closely with DuPont to develop two slurry dryer systems using Rockwell PlantPAx. The control system consisted of two independent controllers (one for each dryer), a single Process Automation System Server (PASS), and two panel-mounted touch screen Operator Workstations (OWS). The logic and graphics were developed leveraging standard and custom PlantPAx objects. The control system was installed at DuPont’s Puerto Rico site.

Eastern Shore Natural Gas

The Eastern Shore Natural Gas Bridgeville and Delaware City compressor stations transport natural gas to thousands of commercial and residential customers in the Delmarva Peninsula. ACE retrofitted the existing Bristol Babcock controllers and I/O with Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers and 1794 Flex I/O modules. To minimize system downtime during site installation and commissioning, controller and I/O modules were mounted on pre-fabricated electrical sub-panels that mimicked the existing I/O termination footprint.


Prior to ISA S18, ACE worked with ExxonMobil to establish a plant-wide independent alarm system. ACE developed the concept, designed the architecture, designed the control panels, configured, and started up the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix based alarm monitoring system for the Baton Rouge refinery. This multi-million dollar project provides alarm information to the operator on 60-inch displays mounted above the Honeywell DCS consoles. Alarm signals are brought in through P&F I/O hardware over Allen-Bradley ControlNet to the ControlLogix processors. Citect HMI software is used to drive the operator displays.

First Light Power Resources

The supervisory control PLCs for three hydroelectric power generating facilities were upgraded from legacy Modicon 984 PLCs to Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLC platforms. A total of seven PLC systems were upgraded. The legacy 800 series I/O was upgraded using Allen-Bradley I/O conversion assemblies. The use of the conversion assemblies allowed for a complete installation turnaround of only a few days (from shutdown to full commissioning). ACE converted the existing 984 projects to Rockwell Automation RSLogix5000 and was responsible for all I/O conversion, design, and installation. ACE also designed and configured a third-party (ProSoft) module to allow Modicon Modbus communications to plant exciters and governors.


ACE designed, supplied, and programmed an Allen-Bradley system consisting of eight ControlLogix processors and one SLC 5/05 PLC for the control of a fill/finish facility. A Wonderware ArchestrA HMI platform provided the operator interface. The system was programmed utilizing S88 compliant code, including control modules, equipment modules, and phase logic. The PLC control utilized unit operations including clean steam generation, WFI, waste processing, clean in place stations, steam in place stations, decontamination stations, buffer preparation, formulation stations, and filling.

JM Huber Corporation

JM Huber produces food grade abrasive products at its facility in Havre de Grace, Maryland. ACE worked with Huber engineering personnel to develop and implement a control migration plan for its aging ABB Bailey and Allen-Bradley controllers. The Bailey MCS stations were replaced with Rockwell Automation RSView SE. Allen-Bradley 2/30 PLCs were replaced with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and the Advisor Station was replaced by a RSView client. Various other HMI stations (Wonderware, Nematron, PanelView, etc.) were also replaced with RSView client stations.


At the Frederick Quarry an obsolete GE Series Six PLC with remote I/O and panel board controls was replaced with an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processor and eight SLC I/O racks communicating over remote I/O drops. An operator interface using Rockwell Automation RSView32 was developed and the facility’s existing phone wire was used to setup up a DSL based network so that operations could be monitored from several key locations throughout the quarry.

Medgar Evers College

Medgar Evers College operates a heating and humidification plant that contains three 300hp hot water boilers used for heating and three smaller boilers used for steam humidification. In addition, a plant master control PLC provides master control and coordination of the six boilers and associated hot water pumps. ACE designed, built, and programmed the plant master control PLC and HMI stations. The boiler PLCs and plant master control are Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLCs. The HMI consists of two GE iFIX nodes. The HMI workstations interface with the local boiler control stations as well as provide an OPC interface to the main building automation system.

Sunoco, Inc.

For this project ACE used a ProSoft Technologies ControlLogix chassis-mounted Modbus Ethernet communication module to acquire data from a 15kV substation’s metering equipment via GE Multilin units. An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC was used as a gateway device to isolate the GE Multilin Modbus Ethernet LAN from the plant Ethernet LAN. The data was stored in a new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC to allow monitoring and control from the existing Honeywell DCS.


Technosteam contracted ACE to develop a PlantPAx system for the automation of injection and production oil wells. The system treats oil from wells and assists with secondary recovery from the wells. The system controls steam injection, well manifolds, and a processing plant which removes sulfur and separates water from oil. The control system consisted of three pairs of redundant process controllers, a pair of redundant Process Automation System Servers (PASS), one PlantPAx Historian, one Engineering Workstation (EWS), four Operator Workstations (OWS), and a fiber ring network. In addition, the system connected to third-party devices via Modbus and LonWorks. Rockwell PlantPAx objects were used within the controllers and leveraged in the graphics. The control system was installed and commissioned in Columbia.

University of Virginia

With ongoing fluctuations in energy prices and availability, the University of Virginia decided to retrofit three of their natural gas fired utility boilers for increased flexibility by adding coal firing as an alternate fuel source. When firing on coal, boiler emissions require an additional treatment for SO2 removal. As a result, spray dryer absorbers and fabric filter baghouses were incorporated into the process. Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs control this equipment and interface with a DCS based boiler control package to provide coordinated operation of flue gas treatment and ash. This modification has made it possible to provide a reliable steam supply to the university complex, while utilizing the most cost-effective fuel source and maintaining emissions well within EPA requirements. ACE provided programming and commissioning of the control systems and has played a key role in ongoing maintenance and continuing process improvements.


ACE supplied a line control and reporting system for a solid dose filling line at Wyeth, Puerto Rico. An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC communicates with eight skids, each with a PLC, and provides conveyor control and supervisory line control. The control system uses Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP and Allen-Bradley DeviceNet protocols to monitor and control the line. Using GE’s iFIX Version 4.0 in a client/server configuration with three clients, operators are able to monitor and provide supervisory control for the line. The SCADA system connects to GE’s Proficy Historian to record real-time line data. This data is monitored by GE’s Plant Applications Efficiency module. Line efficiency and productivity reports are presented via a web interface using Proficy Information Portal.