Siemens Project Reference List

  • Siemens Solution Provider Program (SPP) Partner since 1994
  • Siemens Pharmaceutical Specialist
  • Hardware and Software to stage all current and most legacy Siemens control system products.
  • Training and experience with S7-300, S7-400, S5, and 505 Series PLCs; Step 7, PCS7, APT, and TiSoft programming software; PCS, ProTool, WinCC, and TiStar HMI software; F series safety controller with safety block library, FH series fail safe redundant controller and Quadlog saftety controller; and Siemens/Moore LIL Instruments, MYCRO, and APACS.
Blommer Chocolate

A new PCS7 multi-project application was developed by three OEMs to control the roasting and grinding of chocolate liquor. ACE developed the supervisory control for the grinding control system and storage tanks. Once all the individual parts of the system were tested ACE was responsible for integrating them into one multi-project. The multi-project resides on one (1) engineering workstation. The HMI is Siemens PCS7 OS running on redundant Windows 2003 servers. The redundant batch servers reside on the OS servers. In addition, the system uses Siemens PCS7 security, which is integrated into the operating system’s security to provide separate security for each sub system. Full system documentation, testing and ongoing support were also provided for this system.

Texas Instruments

A new PCS7 multi-project application was developed for Texas Instruments’ new fabrication site in Richardson, TX. The PCS7 multi-project consists of over thirty (30) S7-400 class processors. ACE was part of a team of over nine PCS7 developers working in a multi-engineering environment to code, test and implement the system.

E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company

For this project, ACE supported DuPont’s convergence to Siemens-based control systems. ACE developed and demonstrated the PCS7-OS/90 HMI for older Bailey Controls DCS systems using ACE-owned PCS7 & Bailey Infi-90 equipment. This work demonstrated the system for site and corporate engineers.

Air Liquide

In a long standing relationship with Air Liquide, ACE has provided control system configuration and validation services. Recent configuration projects used Siemens PCS7 OS software to develop the graphic screens for air separation and gas liquefaction plants (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and hydrogen) according to MG’s existing standards. Using a Siemens APT (Application Productivity Tool) programming environment, ACE developed PLC code to control these processes, including the hydrogen process - a process new to Air Liquide.

Dade Behring

ACE converted a system for their Glatt process controls in their Newark, Delaware facility from the now obsolete S5 platform to the S7 platform. For this effort, ACE provided the new processor hardware and engineering services to convert the control program to the new platform. The operator interface was also upgraded to a Siemens MP370 12” color display. This unit is a Class I Division 2, Windows CE embedded device that operates the Siemens ProTool HMI software. The new S7 controller communicates with the existing S5 I/O using Profibus.

Baxter (Wyeth Ayerst/ ESI Lederle)

ACE implemented a Siemens APT (Application Productivity Tool) program in conjunction with InTouch on two CIP skids in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. These systems work together to provide flexible batch CIP control and reports in a validated pharmaceutical environment.

ACE also made extensive modifications to their Water for Injection (WFI) generation and distribution system, which supports small volume parenteral manufacturing operations in the same facility. The system consists of an APT program running on a TI545 processor and an InTouch interface. Modifications included changes to the APT sequence and discrete logic, I/O assignments, and screen changes as a result of added and removed WFI drops.

Cargill Foods

For this customer, ACE made modifications to the Siemens TiSoft program running on a TI505 series controller. The system includes one remote I/O rack and an InTouch interface to operate a sugar blending operation. System changes included new CIP and operational sequences, and new I/O modules for an a new product blend.

E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company

ACE provided a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) for the creation of a Multiple Automated Reactor System used for the polymerization process. The Siemens S7 PLC was configured to control the field streams to the reactor in the laboratory scale polymerization process. A Wonderware InTouch HMI is used to provide logging of historical data, alarming, and receiving batch recipes from Microsoft Excel.

SynSil Products

A Siemens S7 PLC was configured for the manufacture of a glass melting agent. The program contains a detailed sequence that measures out different ingredients into individual weigh bins through the use of speed controlled screw feeders. The final product is then closely monitored as the ingredients are blended together to ensure that all product tolerances are met. A WinCC HMI was configured to provide control of the devices for the system.

Cryo Technologies

ACE configured a new Siemens S7-300 processor using Step 7 programming software and an InTouch interface to control a Helium Liquification plant in Otis, Kansas. The system controlled the compressor and provided supervisory control to the turbine, which was run locally by an Allen-Bradley SLC. Communications to the SLC were via Modbus.


A Siemens S7-300 PLC was configured to provide a cost effective solution for the control of an air and water pollution catalytic oxidizer system. The PLC handled simple control for cascaded temperature and pressure loops as well as system interlocking and alarming.

FMC Corporation

During a long-standing relationship with FMC, ACE has provided HMI and PLC engineering services for their North Plant batch processes. Our first project involved significant batch automation for FMC’s Step 2 reaction process using Siemens APT and the 505 Series controllers. The resulting system allowed FMC to increase their capacity by 50%.

More recent projects include the conversion of the entire North Plant TiStar HMI stations to Simatic PCS. ACE continues to be involved in various projects providing process improvements, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 product support.

E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company

ACE designed and built a Siemens 505 Series PLC-based control system for DuPont’s Experimental Station. The system, which in a later project was expanded to include a second processor, has two Wonderware InTouch operator interface stations. The semi-works scale fluidized-bed reactor is a batch process used for catalyst research. About 500 I/O points are monitored and data is passed along to an upper level computer system accessed by research scientists. ACE had responsibility for hardware design and fabrication, PLC and HMI configuration and data interface.

MG Industries

ACE designed, configured and provided FDA validation documents for a Siemens S7-400 PLC with ET200M I/O controlling an air separation plant. The PLC code was developed using the PCS7 v5.2 programming language. The graphic screens, alarming, trending and data archiving were developed using the integrated WinCC HMI system.

Specialty Minterals, Inc. (SMI)

ACE provided programming, configuration and start up services for a precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) pilot plant in Easton, PA. The system consists of a S7-417 PLC with ET200M I//O programmed with PCS7 v6.0. The graphics screens, alarming, trending and data archiving were developed using the integrated WinCC HMI system.

Specialty Minterals, Inc. (SMI)

ACE provided start up support for a new precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC—an additive in paper) plant in Zhenjiang, China. The control system consisted of an S7-300 and an S7-400 PLC with ET200M I/O. The program for the S7-300 PLC was written with Step 7; the program for the S7-400 PLC was written with PCS7 v6.0. A WinCC HMI application provided the operator interface. ACE’s support included troubleshooting and correcting program bugs, a complete review of the WinCC archiving and trending functions, and developing a supervisory control scheme for one of the milling operations.

CraftMaster/International Paper

ACE is upgrading several ProcessSuite Vision HMI stations (based upon Wonderware InTouch) to WinCC as a first step toward full migration to PCS7. International Paper standardized on Siemens several years ago and ACE has provided the systems engineering support for Craftmaster.