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ACE Presentation: Control System Retrofits

Timothy L. Cole, P.E. and Ian P. Burns, P.E., CFSP presented their paper on Control System Retrofits at the 69th Annual Instrumentation Symposium for the Process Industries on January 23, 2014. An event organized and hosted by Texas A&M University.

Tim addressed the audience regarding a looming problem in the process industries. ARC estimates that $65 billion worth of control systems are nearing obsolesce; some $12 billion are original distributed control systems installed in the late 1970s. Combine that amount of work with an average age of skilled labor of 56 (Bloomberg BusinessWeek), and you can foresee the problem. The system upgrades could be better handled with the experienced engineers, but there is just too much work to be done.

Ian followed up with practical advice regarding control system upgrade project execution. There are many tools and tricks available; you must apply good engineering judgment and proceed. New control systems are a commodity, with each offering basically the same functionality. Each upgrade / installation must be reviewed, a direction set, tools chosen, and then the project executed methodically. One important consideration is fully understanding the functions which must exist in the new control system.

Click here to view the presentation in its entirety. In addition, please feel free to contact either Tim (302.738.8800) or Ian (281.821.0201) if you have a project need or desire discussion on the topic.

2014 System Integrator of the Year Finalist

Recently, ACE was recognized by Control Engineering as a finalist in their 2014 System Integrator of the Year competition. The annual competition, which is in its eighth year, recognizes system integrators who have achieved excellence in the areas of business skills, technical competence, and customer satisfaction.

System integrators were invited to compete for the title during this past summer. Entries were divided into three groups with roughly equal numbers in each: integrators with annual revenues up to $10 million, $10 to $18 million, and above $18 million. Control Engineering’s panel of automation experts and industry observers then reviewed the entries in each group to determine three winners. For having received at least one first-place vote from the judges, ACE was recognized as a finalist.

Click here to learn more about the competition and this year's honorees.

ISPE-DVC Sponsor of the Year Award

On December 12, 2013, ACE was presented with the Chapter Sponsor of the Year Award from the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers Delaware Valley Chapter (ISPE-DVC). This annual award recognizes ACE’s continued support of and commitment to the society. Past winners include DME Alliance Engineering Consultants, CRB Engineers, and Integrated Project Services (IPS). ACE is proud to support the ISPE and the many other professional societies that our employees and customers are involved with.