2017 Rockwell Automation TechED

On June 11 – 16, 2017, ACE’s Rick Cascino and Gary Hida attended Rockwell Automation TechED in Orlando, FL. Designed for end users, system integrators, distributors, partners and machine builders, Rockwell Automation TechED gave participants the chance to work with the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology solutions in a classroom environment; gain an in-depth understanding of how the Integrated Architecture® system enables companies across the globe be their best; learn from industry experts; and see how their peers are solving many common manufacturing and production challenges. Our thanks go out to Rockwell Automation for great training and a great time. We look forward to next year!

Beat Beethoven 2017

On June 8, 2017, ACE’s Tim Cole participated in Beat Beethoven 2017, an annual 5k run / 1 mile walk that supports the Kennett Symphony. The objective of the race is to complete the course before Beethoven’s 5th Symphony finishes (about 32 minutes). With its mix of trails, paved areas, shady spots, and open areas along with an easy-moderate elevation and an appearance by Beethoven himself, the event is ideal for serious runners, beginners, and families. This year, ACE’s Paul Merluzzi, an active member of the Kennett Symphony Board, was presented with a $4,000 check from Exelon, an ACE customer. Our thanks go out to the Kennett Symphony for allowing ACE to participate in and sponsor this great event.

2017 Howard County STEM Festival

On June 4, 2017, ACE’s Jayesh Jariwala, Mike Schott, and Kristen Sheriff volunteered on behalf of the International Society of Automation (ISA) and the Automation Federation (AF) at the Howard County STEM Festival. The free event was open to kids of all ages and featured a mix of hands on activities, demonstrations, and informational sessions. The ISA / AF booth used ACE’s custom PLC-5 gaming system to demonstrate how control circuits are wired for lights, switches, and buttons; how the switches use binary math for game selection; how the programs are structured; and how mathematics plays a key role in computer game programming.