Custom PLC-5 Gaming System

Over the past few months, the engineers in ACE’s Delaware Valley office have spent much of their free time building a custom gaming system. The system is comprised completely of salvaged parts from decommissioned control cabinets - many of which come from training equipment previously installed at the Chrysler plant in Newark, DE. After the plant closed, ACE bought the parts at auction. They sat in ACE’s warehouse for longer than we’d care to admit, until Mike Lennon came up with the idea for an ACE gaming system.

The system contains a PLC-5 controller, 96 lights, and approximately 2,500ft of wire. It took over 400 hours to design, build, program, and test; and has eight games to choose from: Breakout, Maze, Memory, Pong, Snake, Space Invaders, Stacker, and our most popular game Whack-A-Button!

In addition to after work entertainment, ACE plans to use the custom gaming system to educate both young students and the young at heart on how control circuits are wired for lights, switches, and buttons; how the switches use binary math for game selection; how the programs are structured; and how mathematics plays a key role in computer game programming. ACE has already used this system to illustrate panel design concepts to our current college graduate employees. These concepts include power distribution, I/O card wiring schematics, PLC program organization, and PLC ladder logic programming instruction.

Our thanks to Ryan Downs, Jacob Hoyt, Justin McKinley, Mike Lennon, Joe Rappazzo, and Andy Schott for donating their time and energy to making this unique project a reality.