Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

GE Intelligent Platforms

As a Solution Provider of GE Intelligent Platforms, the experience of Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) spans 15 years. Our projects with the GE and Intellution HMI products include FIX DMACS, FIX32, iFIX, and Cimplicity. ACE has upgraded many FIX32 systems to iFIX and developed and supported iFIX 3.5 and 4.0 installations for a variety of industries and customers.


ACE began working with the ICONICS GENESIS HMI in the mid 1990s and has continued with GENESIS32 / GENESIS32 Automation Suite and now GENESIS64. ICONICS products are embedded in several vendor systems, recognizable by those that are familiar with the product line. In particular, GENESIS32 is the HMI for the Siemens Procidia compact control system. ACE’s ICONICS experience ranges from industrial boilers to pharmaceutical applications and includes the development and support of several Procidia applications. In addition, we are an Enrolled Member in the GENESIS32 Track of the ICONICS Systems Integrator Partner program.

Invensys (Wonderware)

ACE is a Wonderware Registered System Integrator and has been using Wonderware products since 1993. Our initial projects included basic HMI/SCADA functionality using the original InTouch HMI product and have evolved to include the latest ArchestrA based System Platform. We have now delivered System Platform applications to manufacturers of automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. ACE has engineered over 200 Wonderware based systems using the various software products such as System Platform, InTouch HMI, Active Factory, and Information Server. ACE engineers are trained and maintain certifications in many Wonderware products.

National Instruments

ACE has worked with National Instruments (NI) products as an Alliance member since the mid 1990s. With certified LabVIEW developers on staff we have worked with NI products in academia, government labs, and industry. Our industrial customers primarily use LabVIEW in the lab and on pilot-plant scale operations.

Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley

ACE has worked with the Rockwell Automation (Rockwell) family of products since 1995 and has had a formal relationship with Rockwell since 2003. Recently, this relationship grew to include ACE as a Solution Partner in Rockwell’s exclusive System Integrator program. We have experience with FactoryTalk View Site Edition, FactoryTalk View Machine Edition, FactoryTalk ViewPoint, and RSView32.


ACE has been a Siemens Solution Provider Program Partner since 1994. We are also a Siemens Pharmaceutical Specialist and a specialist in migration. ACE engineers have extensive experience with Siemens/Moore ProcessSuite installations, modifications, and support, even having been part of the ProcessSuite Framework development team. We have upgraded many ProcessSuite applications to PCS 7. Our Siemens experience includes PCS 7 OS, MYCROAdvantage, ProcessSuite, WinCC, ProTool, TIA Portal, and Comfort Panels.