Safety Systems


While HIMA process safety controllers are relatively new to the US, many of our multinational customers are already very familiar with them. With our Houston office located less than a mile away from the HIMA Americas corporate headquarters, Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) enjoys a good working relationship with the company. As a Trained System Integrator under HIMA's comprehensive Partner Program, ACE engineers have been trained on the HIMA product line, including SILworX and the ELOP II engineering tool.

Invensys (Triconex)

ACE is trained and experienced with both TRICON and Trident control systems. Past projects include designing and building compressor control panels for refinery applications that include TRICON and Bentley Nevada configurations. Whether you are upgrading or installing new equipment, ACE is ready to work with you should you choose Triconex safety controller products.


ACE first used RTP equipment at a power generation plant in Pennsylvania in the early 2000s. Today our experience extends to working with the RTP 3000 safety controller. Our recent applications were in the chemical and refining industries. With certified safety professionals on staff, ACE stands ready to work with you on safety instrumented system projects.


ACE is a Siemens Solution Partner with a history of working with Siemens systems for over 15 years. Siemens offers the QUADLOG safety PLC for connecting to APACS+, the S7-300F safety controller for integration with S7, and the S7-400F and S7-400FH safety controllers for integration with PCS 7. ACE has completed several large Siemens projects in the refining, chemicals, and industrial gases industries and is experienced with S7, PCS 7, and APACS+.