Beginning with a Bailey Controls Net90 configuration in 1991, Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) has amassed an extensive portfolio of projects utilizing ABB products. Our experience over the years has progressed from Net90 to today’s ABB 800xA DCS and Freelance 800F systems and includes work with Fischer & Porter, Hartmann & Braun, and Taylor MOD 300 products.

Currently, there are more Bailey INFI 90 systems operating in the US than any other DCS, and many of these systems are in need of renewal. ACE can provide both system planning and project execution from an independent point of view. In addition, we have experience migrating many older Bailey ABB HMI systems including OIS20, OIS40, Conductor NT, and Process Portal B.  ACE's in-house hardware, which includes OIS Consoles, PCUs, CIUs, a Freelance 2000 system, and an 800xA system, enhances our ability to stage systems and migrate between various products.

ACE’s experience also includes co-authoring, with Bailey personnel, a technical paper detailing the use of INFI 90 blockware simulations for configuration checkout and operator training. Our industry experience includes Chemicals, Industrial Gases/Air Separation, Industrial Steam & Site Utilities, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Power & Public Utilities, and Water/Wastewater.

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