Having provided Honeywell systems engineering and configuration support since the early 1990s, Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) stands well equipped to assist with your Honeywell project needs.

At ACE, our experience includes work on TDC 2000, TDC 3000, and Experion systems. In addition, several of our staff members bring experience with Honeywell products from their previous employers. This includes engineers who came to us from Honeywell and projects that predate the founding of ACE.

Through our experience with Honeywell, we have developed tools for tasks like database conversion and have acquired in-house equipment to help us deliver projects on time and on budget. Currently, we maintain TDC3000 equipment and a full Experion PKS development system.

ACE’s experience with Honeywell products spans the Chemicals, Power Generation & Public Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries - including several contracts awarded to us directly by Honeywell.

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