Working with Foxboro products since 1991, ACE has experience and in-house hardware to assist you with your Foxboro needs. Our configuration work includes the I/A Series DCS System, Display Manager & Display Builder, and FoxView & FoxDraw, using both the UNIX-based and Windows-based platforms. In addition, many of our Foxboro projects are in the Chemicals industry and, as a result, our projects often include RBatch or IA Batch.


In-house hardware and years of experience enhance our ability to provide successful projects with both the Tricon and Trident control systems. Past projects include designing and building compressor control panels for refinery applications that include Tricon and Bentley Nevada configurations.


ACE is a member of the selective Wonderware System Integrator Program and is a Wonderware System Platform Certified Systems Integrator. To date we have delivered ArchestrA based System Platform applications to customers in the Materials, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries.

Since 1993, ACE has engineered over 200 Wonderware based systems using various software products such as System Platform, InTouch HMI, Historian (Industrial SQL Server), Active Factory, Information Server, SCADAlarm, MES Performance Software (DT Analyst), InBatch, and InControl.

ACE also has experience deploying Wonderware’s IntelaTrac, an industry leading mobile workforce and decision support software. Our knowledge of industrial operations makes ACE a perfect fit for the configuration of mobile hardware solutions targeted on plant operations, maintenance management, and compliance applications.

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