Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) has worked with the Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) family of products since 1995 and has had a formal relationship with Rockwell since 2003. Recently, this relationship grew to include ACE as a Solution Partner in Rockwell’s exclusive System Integrator program.

Over the years, membership in the System Integrator program has helped ACE stay current with new product releases and enhancements, and has provided us with access to toolkits, knowledge bases, and technical support. In addition, for customers’ staging and support needs, we currently maintain PLC-5, SLC, ControlLogix, and CompactLogix hardware along with licenses for the complete Rockwell Automation software portfolio.

Our experience with Rockwell products is extensive. Our project work with Allen-Bradley hardware ranges from PLC-2s to PlantPAx, and our work with Rockwell software spans RSView32 to all parts of the FactoryTalk suite including the Batch, Historian, and Transaction Manager products.

ACE has configured Rockwell systems for hundreds of customers in the Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Industrial Steam & Site Utilities, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Oil & Gas, and Water/Wastewater industries. With contributions spanning from design and configuration to staging, testing, installation, and site support, ACE’s Rockwell projects have provided our customers with the replacement of obsolete equipment, the ability to adjust staffing requirements, and the improvement of the precision of their process control.

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