Schneider Electric

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) engineers have a long history of configuration and support expertise with the full range of Schneider’s PLC and operator interface products. Our experience with Schneider Electric began in 1995 and includes work with the Citect, Modicon, Square D, and Telemecanique product lines.


Starting as a Citect Integration Partner and later a member of the Schneider Electric SCADA Partner Integrator program, ACE has had a formal relationship with the Citect brand since 2005. With projects dating back to the early 2000s, our engineers have experience with the CitectHMI, CitectSCADA, and Vijeo Citect products. Recent project work includes an installation in the Oil & Gas industry which included four servers and over twenty five clients talking directly to eight PLCs and indirectly to eighteen more. Other industries for which we have configured Citect HMI systems include Chemical, Power Generation & Public Utilities, and Water/Wastewater.


ACE’s experience with Modicon PLCs began in 1995 and was followed with membership in the Square D/Modicon System Integrator program in 1996. Our Modicon project experience includes work with 884, 984, Momentum, Quantum, and M340 controllers. Over the years, we have taken many Modicon 984 PLCs with 800 series I/O and upgraded them to Quantum processors with Modbus TCP/IP communication interfaces. Currently, we support several customers in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries who have standardized on the Modicon product family.

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