ACE Travels to Singapore

In October, ACE’s Branden Citeroni and Jim Kenders traveled to Singapore to provide startup support for a company that manufactures parts used in material handling. Previously, ACE had taken an existing stateside 500 ton press and added a six-step recipe function that allowed the customer to create, save, and load up to ten recipes. The goal was to manage the heat and pressure profile of the material in order to obtain a better quality product. When this proved successful, ACE received the job in Singapore to add the same functionality to two presses there. While those presses behaved somewhat differently and presented some new challenges, we were ultimately successful. The customer has received the first production parts from Singapore using the modified programs and the quality improvement is measurable.

When not busy working, Jim was able to visit Gardens by the Bay - a 250 acre horticulture-themed leisure destination located in central Singapore. Jim visited the Bay South Garden which is the largest of the three gardens and includes the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove.