Advanced Process Control

Process problems that defy conventional control solutions can often benefit from advanced process control strategies. If your process is often unstable, has frequent upsets and alarms, or requires extra attention from operators, then there is room for improvement by applying advanced process control strategies. Even if your process is considered stable, advanced process control can often be applied to optimize your process for increased throughput and yield, and reduced utility costs. Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) can help you realize that potential.

Advanced process control can mean many things to different customers. It may mean application of mid-column temperature (inferential) control, automated startup/shutdown sequencing, dynamic simulations or model-based, multivariable control. Each of these strategies involves varying levels of technical complexity and investment, and our engineering staff can work with you to select the “best fit” technology application so that the economics of your situation makes sense.

ACE can apply advanced process controls to applications in any industry. To date we have provided dynamic process simulations for applications in the chemicals, industrial gases and power generation industries – predicting control system performance, performing piping and vessel sizing, and providing initial controller tuning. The simulations we develop can also be used as a valuable training tool for your operators.

In addition, ACE is a partner with Aspen Technologies, a leading supplier of process manufacturing optimization software. As an Aspen Technologies Partner, ACE has been trained in and has access to the Aspen Engineering Suite and Manufacturing Suite of tools. Our experience includes Aspen HYSYS Dynamics, which can be used to develop very accurate process simulations that can be used to predict operating conditions and avoid abnormal process situations. We have also worked with Aspen APC, which provides process modeling tools that can be applied in multi-variable control applications – allowing production optimization as business conditions change.