Batch Control Systems

Right Expertise & Experience

Consistency, reliability, and flexibility - Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) knows the importance of a well designed batch system that improves quality, reduces downtime, and improves your bottom line.

Since 1991, ACE has successfully executed batch control and today we do so for a variety of customers in the chemical manufacturing, air separations, food & beverage, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries.

ISA S88 Design Philosophy

ACE applies the best practice ISA S88 design philosophy to create modular systems that allow for reuse of programming and are easy to modify. This lowers engineering costs throughout the system’s life cycle and results in systems that are easier to test and validate.

Our utilization of the S88 approach also organizes data for easier reporting, giving you flexible access to data. Using a combination of commercially available and custom reporting tools, we can create the reports you need to meet your production management, customer data, and regulatory requirements

Typical reporting includes product genealogy and production reports created on a lot, batch, shift, or event-driven basis.

Your System. Our Expertise. Right Solution.

ACE has successfully implemented batch control using a variety of batch management software including ABB, Emerson Process Management (DeltaV), GE Intelligent Platforms (Intellution), Invensys (Wonderware), and Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley. In addition, ACE has created custom batch systems using control system platforms such as ABB, Emerson Process Management (DeltaV), Honeywell, Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric (Modicon), and Siemens.