Combustion Control/BMS

Are you dealing with varying process conditions while trying to manage rising energy costs and at the same time ensure emissions compliance? Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) understands the challenges of load fluctuations and the efficiency benefits combustion controls and burner management systems can provide. ACE has implemented combustion controls and burner management systems for numerous steam and process burner/boiler units in a wide variety of settings including power plants, refineries, chemical plants, hospitals, and universities.

ACE’s combination of combustion controls and burner management experience can help you operate safely and more efficiently while controlling emissions. Our experience in combustion controls extends from basic configurations to advanced boiler control functions including plant master control, cross limited fuel flow control, three element (drum level, feed water flow and steam flow) feed water control, O2 trim control and low fire fuel changeovers. ACE’s experience in programming National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant burner management systems, including safety instrumented systems (SIS), includes providing safe and controlled light-off and shutdown, and integrating burner management with the continuous process controls. ACE can also integrate combustion controls with continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) to enable real-time monitoring and online compliance with environmental standards.

Our wide range of applications experience includes power generation and process steam boilers, process heaters, rotary kilns, industrial furnaces, and incineration processes. We work with all major and specialty platform providers, and have designed and integrated combustion control and burner management systems using multiple platforms including: ABB/Bailey, Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, Modicon, RTP, and Siemens.