Legacy System Evaluation & Migration

Given proper care, manufacturing sites should expect their control system equipment to perform year after year.  However, older system components, especially console equipment, can become problematic and lead to increased maintenance costs and downtime.  In addition, spare parts get harder to find as time goes by and hardware is discontinued.

When these situations occur, it’s time to upgrade your legacy system and Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE), has the expertise to ensure a seamless migration.  We have a number of senior engineers on staff with the knowledge and legacy systems experience required to develop the right migration strategy for your needs.  Our proven migration methodology prioritizes component upgrades based on the level of necessity, the desire to limit total project costs, and the need to minimize disruptions to production.

Our legacy system conversion capabilities are aided by our extensive, in-house collection of older control system hardware which allows us to prototype your system.  We also have the ability to test new hardware portions of an upgraded control system against other existing legacy hardware that remains in place.  Both of these activities contribute to a low-risk, seamless migration, and make your transition as efficient as possible.

Over the years ACE has completed a myriad of system migrations and upgrades involving many older control system platforms such as A-B (PLC2, PLC5 and ControlView), Bailey (Net-90 and Infi-90), Fisher PROVOX, Foxboro (Spectrum and I/A), Honeywell TDC 2000/3000, Modicon (884, 984, and Compact), Moore Products (MYCRO and APACS), Siemens S5 and Texas Instruments.  For more information, please give us a call to talk about your project specifics.