Plant Efficiency & Reporting

Many companies today are employing lean initiatives to improve plant efficiencies and output. Real time, readily available performance data is an absolute necessity for evaluating production situations and being able to make decisions to improve operational performance. At Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) our engineers are experienced in plant floor operations, and with the tools used to collect and deliver meaningful production information to the right people.

ACE utilizes our knowledge of the shop floor control equipment, where data resides, and builds upon that knowledge with our system expertise in order to meet customer requirements for data collection and reporting.  Whether you are interested in calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), have specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements, or just want to measure equipment uptime/downtime, throughput, or product yield, ACE can provide plant performance reports at your desktop or to your entire organization via the web.  For more information, please give us a call to talk about your project specifics or to discuss our case histories, project reference lists, and applications reference lists.

Systems provided by ACE include typical plant efficiency measures like downtime and event tracking, but also extend to product recipes and lot number tracking, availability, performance and quality.  These systems have been implemented using packages such as GE Proficy Plant Applications, Parsec’s TrakSys and Wonderware MES / Performance Software (formerly DT Analyst).